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Sunday , 17 January  2010

The Vespertine Hour - or VH for brevity - is undergoing a third and rather radical rewrite.

A brief history of VH: I first wrote it in November 2007, in just over a month as part of the National Novel Writing Month ( It was fun, it was madness, it was what started it all! It was then when I archived the novel I’d been working on over the previous five years.

From January 2008 until November 2009, I used that very raw material to write a second draft. The first part of VH (i.e. the first six chapters), were rewritten several times, never quite getting them right until after I wrote the sequel to VH (in November 2008) and got really close up and personal with my characters, really tuned in with them.

In May 2009, thanks to the feedback I received from Jasmine Richards, editor at Oxford University Press, I rewrote a brand new Chapter One that eventually made it into the SCBWI Undiscovered Voices honorary list. And that was fantastic!

The second half of 2009 saw me working on the chapters following the first part, and I managed to complete a second draft of the novel up to chapter 22; that’s two thirds of the novel. In November 2009 I attended the SCBWI Conference in Winchester and during a really great critique night, I formed a new vision for VH: I knew what to do in the third draft, which I’ve only just started. The two chapters in the Excerpts page are an example of this third draft I’m working on now.

There are still questions left unanswered though. What’s VH about? Is it about identity? Is it about messing up with time and its consequences? Is it about good versus evil?

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