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The Vespertine Hour

From the opposite ends of the world, two boys are brought together in London by their extraordinary abilities. Jon can foresee the future; Will can change the past. Together they could end our present.

But the curse that gives them their powers is also their greatest threat. Their abilities are being sought after and there’s only one way out of it: they must escape the ritual set at the Vespertine Hour.

Joshua Hart and his extraordinary escape from Mars

This is going to be my first space novel.

It’s about the young boy genius who accidentally discovered Warp Drive and changed the future of our world... Forever.

I’m very excited about it and I have most of the plot laid down in a long outline but I won’t be starting writing the story until after I’m done with The Vespertine Hour.

Currently working
on a 4th draft.
So far only written
the plot outline.

Not quite done yet...