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London – Where I Live Now

It may seem a little arrogant to say that everyone in the world should recognise the London Eye. But I’m saying it anyway. Everyone should recognise a symbol – especially when it’s big and loud!

The simplicity and symbolism of this picture, makes it one of my favourite. It obviously represents London, that fascinating place I’ve been living in since mid 2006.
London is a city I’ve grown fond of since my days at University, which I did in another wonderful city: Edinburgh. There was no London Eye back then, and a West End ticket cost sixty pounds; a small fortune back in the early ’90 when I was dying to see Cats - which I never got round to see eventually.

The September blue sky – with that little speck of a plane – gives me a sense of freedom, but also adventure. Those are my treasures. The freedom to leave and go exploring any moment I like.
London certainly makes it easy.